Gallura hinterland

Not only the beauty of the coast, the hinterland of Gallura also deserves a visit: nestled between the imposing granite scenery and the impenetrable Mediterranean scrub, small hidden pearls are ready to be discovered.
Absolutely not to be missed, Tempio Pausania, the main town of the hinterland, and its beautiful granite historical centre. A few km away, Aggius is not only one of the oldest centres in Gallura, but also one of the most beautiful and was awarded the Orange Flag from the Touring Club for the integrity and care of its ancient centre. Known for the production of handmade carpets, Aggius is one of the centres of excellence of local craftsmanship, as well as Luras, which houses the original cork creations of the Forteleoni Collection.
Gallura also offers the possibility of creating an interesting archaeological itinerary: at Luogosanto we can find the Tombs of the Giants of Coddu Vecchiu and Li Lolghi and the necropolis of Li Muri. An absolute must-see is the Nuraghe Albucciu in the area of Arzachena and the Nuraghe Majore 2 km from Tempio, as well as the Nuraghe Izzana in the Valle della Luna, the largest and well-preserved nuraghe of Gallura.