Santa Teresa Gallura: La Colombaia Restaurant

The restaurant of the Hotel La Funtana

For almost 20 years, Hotel La Funtana has offered its guests an attentive welcome and quality cuisine, interpreted and revisited according to a current concept and linked to its land, its own tradition, in the places that once housed the family’s orchards and vineyards.
A creative cuisine that has its roots in our territory, a menu designed to enhance the products and the excellence of our island: timeless flavours and genuine ingredients are intertwined in the innovative techniques and creative skills and combinations of the Chef .
Our cuisine will give you a unique experience and will guide you through a journey of flavours and sensations that will inspire different emotions every time.
The restaurant is located in the central body. Breakfast is served here in the morning and dinner in the evening.
In summer, a large outdoor area is available for guests to dine in the pleasant and refreshing evening, after a day at the beach.

To accompany the pleasure of good food, Hotel La Funtana offers a curated selection of the best Sardinian wines, to allow guests to discover the large and small wineries that characterise the interesting and rich oenological offerings of Sardinia.
For younger guests, La Funtana offers a daily set menu, designed and prepared with care.
Dinner is served from 7.30 pm to 9.30 pm, times that may vary depending on the period.


The convenience of having breakfast until late…

The relaxing days at Hotel La Funtana start with breakfast: for early risers, breakfast is served from 7.30, but the buffet is available every day until 10.30, for those looking for a holiday without constraints. 
La Funtana’s breakfast consists of a rich and ample buffet, which enriches the typical proposals of continental breakfast, sweet and savoury, with the unique touch of local natural products.


La Colombaia Gourmet Restaurant

For those booking a room and breakfast, it is possible to have dinner at La Colombaia Gourmet Restaurant.
From the meeting with the Michelin-star Chef Massimiliano Villani, the idea of a restaurant with a new philosophy of contemporary inspiration is created, where tradition and innovation come together in a new harmonies and symphonic perfections.
The cuisine at La Colombaia has a gourmet soul, it is a mix of emotions that originates from the research of ingredients and is created in combinations of aromas and flavours of Mediterranean cuisine, skilfully prepared to enhance the quality of the raw materials, but presented with a more modern and accurate view of the dishes.
Location and environments:
The Colombaia hosts in different environments, each one able to give different emotions in a relaxing and welcoming atmosphere.
The Tavern: our internal room, an intimate and welcoming environment. The wooden beams that embellish it make the space warm and informal, the white walls give brightness and freshness, the right mix between rustic and elegant.
The Dehors: an external environment, bordered by large windows, which turns your gaze to our pool. A harmonious and functional solution that will allow you to spend your moments in pleasant company while you taste our dishes.
The Portico: open spaces designed by large arches, a few metres from the swimming pool…
The Swimming Pool: the pleasure of dining completely out in the open, in an intimate and soft environment, a few centimetres from the water…
Particular attention is reserved to the service: personalised, discreet and accurate, allowing you to live a fulfilling experience.
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Don’t be in a hurry to have a good morning

Hotel La Funtana guarantees you the comfort of having breakfast until late…
Your days of relaxation at Hotel La Funtana begin at breakfast: if you are an early bird, breakfast will be served from 7:30am, but the buffet stays open every day until 10.30am, for those who want a holiday without deadlines.
Breakfast at La Funtana consists of a rich buffet, combining the typical continental breakfast options with sweet and savoury additions, and the unique touch of local fresh products.