What to see in Gallura

Discover Gallura from Hotel La Funtana

You could write books on what to see in Gallura. As for where to stay when you visit Gallura, the answer is much more succinct: Hotel La Funtana.
If you want to see Gallura, in fact, Hotel La Funtana boasts a stronglystrategiclocation, ideal for tourists who want to experience their holiday in Sardinia as a journey to discover the beauties offered by the land and the sea.
Santa Teresa Gallura will know how to welcome you and the nearby Capo Testa will be able to surprise you with its suggestive expanses of granite, suspended between sky and sea.
Set in the far northern edge of the island, the Gallura town allows you to easily visit the most beautiful beaches of Northern Sardinia.
Less than an hour by ferry, you can also make a visit to the fascinating Corsica, but much less is needed to be rendered speechless: from the port of Santa Teresa Gallura, with a varied offer of day trips, you reach the La Maddalena Archipelago which houses the natural wonders protected by the homonymous national park.
It will be a pleasure to discover the ancient treasures of the Gallura hinterland, in which the wild Mediterranean nature preserves the traces of a past that does not seem too distant.
If you love excursions and active holidays you will be spoiled for choice and the staff of Hotel La Funtana will be happy to provide you with all the information you need to make your holiday in Santa Teresa Gallura a unique experience to discover Gallura and the majestic North Sardinia.
So stop asking yourself what to see in Gallura and think about when to start doing it.

Capo Testa

On the crystalline sea of the mouths of Bonifacio, one of the most pleasant discoveries of your trip to Sardinia.

Capo Testa Hotel La Funtana

Gallura hinterland

Between imposing granite scenery and the impenetrable Mediterranean scrub, small hidden pearls are ready to be discovered.

Gallura hinterland Hotel La Funtana