Capo Testa

Promontory overlooking the crystalline sea of the mouths of Bonifacio, Capo Testa will be one of the most pleasant discoveries of your trip in North Sardinia.
Capo Testa is connected to the island by a thin sandy isthmus, at whose sides lie the twin beaches Rena di Ponente and Rena di Levante, a double beach that always offers bathers the choice between a sheltered and a windy side.
Just 4 km from Santa Teresa, Capo Testa can also be reached via the Nature Trail, a pleasant and fascinating naturalistic route, which slides through the granite monuments and the wild Mediterranean of the promontory.
After crossing the strip of sand that separates it from the mainland, we find ourselves in front of one of the most majestic natural spectacles of Sardinia: sculpted by the wind, the granite giants of Capo Testa will guide you along an evocative and timeless path among the scents and colours of the Mediterranean, along a dense network of paths leading to the lighthouse, hidden coves, sighting towers and ruins of old military buildings.
In the background, the inevitably familiar presence of the blue sea of Sardinia, to complete the sense of evocative grandeur that dominates the territory.
Capo Testa is a paradise for hiking and climbing enthusiasts, but also for sea lovers, who will find one of the most famous and fascinating postcards of Northern Sardinia: it is here that Cala Grande hides, better known as the Valley of the Moon, an indescribable spectacle that opens up to the sea between the granite expanses sculpted by the wind.