La Colombaia Gourmet Restaurant

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La Colombaia Gourmet Restaurant is a welcoming and elegant location with different spaces overlooking the pool.

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La Funtana Hotel, offering a careful hospitality and an high quality cuisine to its guest form more than 20 years, creates the project “La Colombaia”, that explains cooking following a present concept and tied to the territory and tradition, in the places that where once family’s vineyards and orchards.

After years in the hotellerie world, the meeting with Chef Massimiliano Villani, gives life to the idea of a restaurant with a new philosophy of contemporary inspiration, where tradition and innovation come together in new armonies and symphonic perfections.

A creative cuisine that has its roots on our territory, a menu thought to bring out the products and the excellences of our island: out of time tastes and genuine ingredients weave together into innovative techniques, abilities and creative collusions of our Chef. Our cuisine will give you an unique experience and will guide you on a path of tastes and sensations capable of giving different emotions each time.

La Colombaia’s cuisine has a gourmet soul, it is a mix of sensations that starts from the ingredient’s research to the realisation of combinations of mediterranean cooking scents and tastes. It is all skillfully realised in order to bring out the quality of products, but at the same time presenting it in a new and modern way, carefully composing the plates.

The menu and gastronomical offer are daily renewed, always with unique yet simple proposals, so that even our regular customers can be satisfied. A gastronomic inspiration created to enjoy good cuisine.

Our service is done with special carefulness: personalized, discreet and careful, that allows to live a fulfilling experience.

Location and settings

La Colombaia can host you in different settings, each one capable of giving different emotions in a relaxing and welcoming environment.

The Taverna hosts you in an informal and welcoming environment, while the Dehor and the Portico, overlooking the pool, will give you magic moments of conviviality and sharing.

  • Taverna: Is our interior, a intimate and comfortable setting. The wooden roof gives warmth and informality to the space, while its white walls give light and freshness, the right mix between rustic and elegance.
  • Dehor: an exterior, delimited by wide windows, overlooking the pool. An armonic and fuctional solution that will allow you to spend your moments in delightful company while enjoying our courses.
  • Portico: exteriors with wide arches, few meters from the pool.
  • Piscina: the pleasure to dine on the outside in a intimate and soft setting, few centimeters by the water




The hotel restaurant is located in the main building, together with all its main facilities, and consists of a gracious fully air-conditioned seating area.
This is where we serve breakfast in the morning and dinner in the evening. In summer season and after a long day at the beach, a small outdoor area is available for you to dine in the pleasant and refreshing cool of the evening.

Hotel La Funtana offers an easy and genuine, carefully prepared cuisine featuring local ingredients and typical products of the traditional Mediterranean cuisine.
We offer a daily set menu, designed and prepared with care, for our younger guests.

In addition to our excellent cuisine, our Hotel La Funtana Restaurant offers an interesting and rich range of the best Sardinian wines, from large to small wineries.

Dinner is served from 19.30 hrs (7.30 p.m.) to 21.30 hrs (9.30 p.m.). Meal times may seasonally vary.

Enjoy our late breakfast...
Your leisure at Hotel La Funtana starts with the breakfast time: For early birds, we serve breakfast from 7.30 hrs a.m., however, the buffet is available until 10.30 hrs a.m., for those seeking a holiday without constraints.

Breakfast at La Funtana is made of a huge and rich buffet, including a continental breakfast offer, sweet and salty delicacies and local natural products.

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