The Gallura Hinterland

Not only the beautiful coast, but also the inland of the Gallura is worth visiting: Nestled between majestic granite rocks and thick maquis shrubs, the Gallura hides little gems that are here to be discovered!

Do not miss the most important town in the hinterland, Tempio, with its beautiful old granite buildings. A few miles away, the small town of Aggius is not only one of the oldest cities of the Gallura region, but also one of the most beautiful ones featuring an untouched ancient city centre, honoured with the Orange Flag award by the Italian Touring Club.

Furthermore, Aggius is a well-known centre of excellence for its craftsmanship and the production of handmade carpets. Another centre of excellence in handicrafts is Luras, where you can find the artistic cork creations of the Forteleoni collection.

You can follow interesting archaeological itineraries in the Gallura region: Near Luogosanto you will find the tombs of the giants of Coddu Vecchiu and Li Lolghi as well as the necropolis of Li Muri. Do not miss the Nuraghe Albucciu in the territory of Arzachena and the Nuraghe Majore, 2 km outside of Tempio, as well as the one of the best-preserved ancient megalithic edifice of the Gallura, the Nuraghe of Izzana in the so-called "moon valley“ (Valle della Luna).

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